About Us

Our app

A swiss application created in the heart of lausanne to make interaction more efficient and fun by creating an atmosphere as similar as possible to a real dating experience.

Gofriends concentrates all the features that a forced loner needs for instantaneous online and real life dating. It allows both dating and friendship without having to search long.

Each location in the city offers a list of partner establishments to see where certain users are in its locations ready to interact. Users can set the types of dates, events they want to create or attend (participate in), see how many users are online and even join friends for the same date or event.

With Gofriends, it is the user who chooses their experience and how they will use the application: (For fun / to meet friends) or more seriously (to meet their soul mate). He can change his profile type at any time and thus optimize his use of the application. Thanks to our advanced algorithm system, it allows to obtain very qualitative matches, a system of validation of the appointments, allows to filter at best the undesirable ones.

Our goal is to create several communities in Switzerland, Europe, America and including Asia around the emblematic places of the city, it is a good way to secure people who feel lonely and want to socialize easily. It is a good way to secure people who feel lonely and want to socialize easily, as well as offering specific matches to the user who wants to easily find the ideal partner in his city.

Why choose Gofriends App?

Gofriends breaks down loneliness and facilitates the building of strong and lasting relationships. We only sell the reality of a real life, not dreams, no matter what age group you are in, people don't always have the same desires depending on the cycle you are in, sometimes you just want to meet new people, socialize in nice places and sometimes you want to meet a real teammate, a life partner.

With our personality and behavioral quizzes, we help you find your true teammate or life partner, whether in love or in friendship.

Our Auto-Matching Algorithms
As the leading social dating application in Switzerland, Europe and the rest of the world, we have designed comprehensive algorithms to make the dating experience stress-free for our users.

By analyzing users' behavioral tests, personalities and favorite hobbies, our algorithms will automatically search for suitable matches and automatically display suggestions of the person who best matches you based on test results and compatibility score points.

We are unique

Trusted social dating application


A search in a few clicks includes compatibility through our advanced search and match algorithms,

Comfortable use

Easily and quickly find nearby people ready to interact with you in public places: (bars, restaurants, movie theaters, nightclubs, events, etc.)

Creative design

A sleek and user-friendly design: nothing too much, just essential functions

User experience improved

Relevant and viral content, shared within the user community

Sevaral options

Useful new features include frequent and relevant updates, to prevent users don't get bored or out of touch

Our secret sauce

Explore the universe of our application

Gofriends offers its members the means to chat with people inside and outside our community, depending on your current state of mind

Three types of use are possible on Gofriends, depending on the settings you choose when you register or after you register:

  • Profile for friendly encounters
  • Profile for dating by affinity
  • A hybrid instant messenger (inbound and outbound) with integrated WhatsApp.
Gofriends App unlimited
  • Like / unLike / return
  • Create and participate in dating activities,
  • Create and join discussion groups,
  • Test the rate and result of compatibility,
  • Personal calendar of events/appointments,
  • Hide (Conceal): profile, age and location,
  • Simplified search filtering of profile display,
  • During your events/outings at our affiliates, get 5-10% discount on your final bill.
Paid subscription taxes included:
  • Monthly price : 4 CHF
  • Annual price : 48 CHF
Other services :
  • Free 30-day trial
  • A smooth and fast experience
  • 24-hour customer service, 100% Swiss
  • Pay your subscription by Twint or card
  • Easy to find a local point of sale or reseller
  • Through our affiliate program, we pay our community of influencers.
Payment methods
  • Gofriends offers different payment methods: by Apple Pay, Google Play, PayPal, credit card, Twint or bank transfer.
  • For those who wish to become a member, but do not use any of the payment services offered, you can purchase coupons from our local reseller partners, such as certain kiosks around town. For more information, please visit our online directory.